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Influential to Models – Model Michaela from OMP

Another featured model in OneModelPlace.com is here. Michaela or Micki is an inspiration to models. She is a professional model and the second model in OneModelPlace to reach 7 million hits.

Micki is a popular model on OneModelPlace.com, and regularly offers her expertise as a working professional in the OMP Forums. She claims that she models as a hobby, but her commitment and passion for the field suggest otherwise.

This tall and talented U.K. resident got her start in the modeling business after photographer Chris James (OMP Member 4174) saw some snapshots on Yahoo profile. She recalls, “This was 2001, so there was no MySpace or Facebook at the time. Chris invited me all the way across the country for a photo shoot because he liked my legs and cheekbones. He told me he’d never shot anyone over the age of 24, so he thought he’d contact me and see if Id like to do a TFP shoot. I didn’t even know what TFP was, and I was naturally, quite wary. I talked it over with my husband, who Chris said was welcome to attend the shoot with me. I took him up on the offer. Chris is a brilliant photographer and gave me great direction. The finished results were so good even he was shocked. I couldn’t believe it was me in the pictures! He suggested that I start a portfolio on OneModelPlace.com. It’s been a great ride ever since.”

Read full story | International Model Michaela

Link source: blog.onemodelplace.com

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