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David Hickey’s Photography – shoots the Glamorous Life

People love photographs, and so with the people handling the camera because they know what they are doing. Here is another photographer brought to you by OneModelPlace.com, the website/online community that showcase talents and models.

David Hickey is a veteran photographer with more than 20 years in the business. His impressive imagery of beautiful models in breathtaking locales has caught the eye of over 2.5 million viewers on OneModelPlace.com. Now his creative skills are in demand, as he juggles high-profile commercial assignments with model shoots at the Playboy Mansion.

His career behind the camera all started by when David was singled out as a student with a special gift. “I took a photography class in high school, and the teacher took me under his wing. He said he had never met a person with an eye like mine.”

The Southern California resident enjoys shooting many types of styles, mostly involving the female form. “I base my photography on capturing an energy inside whatever I am shooting. One of my favorite subjects is women — I love shooting natural beauty and hot, sassy and sexy, too.”

His favorite commercial assignments are the ones where the client, art director and support team work to create a look/feel of a company. I have shot pressure-packed live events that are too much stress. I shot the press introduction for Sony of Blu Ray DVD Technology. Waaaay stressful. I prefer shooting with Crystal or the Playmates at the Playboy Mansion or Bunny House!”

Speaking of Playboy, David has an affinity for shooting the lovely ladies of Hugh Hefner’s house –- in particular, a special model he met through OneModelPlace.com.

“I started shooting Crystal Harris when she was just 18. I met her on OMP. We shot for four years, and finally decided to submit her for Playboy. Over the years we became close friends. After she became Hef’s girlfriend, she came down to my house and shot with me in…

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Link source: blog.onemodelplace.com

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