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Retina photography by Canon

Photo: Kate Day

Photographers from OneModelPlace.com will love Canon because this camera is used by doctors in doing their stuffs. Kate Day from Telegraph.co.uk “was surprised to discover that attached to the back of Canon’s slick new retina imaging machines is a camera that looks, well, exactly like her camera.”

From the front, Canon’s latest retina-imaging camera looks every inch the hi-tech hospital machine. But look past the small, curved shelf where you rest your chin and you’ll notice that the operator is pressing the shutter of what looks suspiciously like a very standard, digital SLR camera.

These machines take images of the back of the inside of your eye and are used to diagnose conditions such as glaucoma. The retina is also the only place in the human body where blood vessels can be directly observed so detailed pictures can also help doctors spot the early signs of diabetes and hypertension. A very clear, high resolution image is essential so that doctors can detect the exact formation of blood vessels and tissues in an area just a few millimeters wide.

In fact, the camera in these retina imaging machines is a Canon EOS 50D, a consumer camera that you can buy for about £800. This camera has a 15.1 megapixel sensor, and so produces pictures that have a perfectly high enough resolution to show the required details. EOS cameras also have a well-balanced system of lenses, mirrors and filters making them an excellent starting point for very specialised cameras.

Full story | telegraph.co.uk


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