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FotoWeek DC – Photographic Art using Wide Angle Lens

FotoWeek DC: A wide-angle lens

Photographers from OneModelPlace.com are excited about this event. FotoWeek DC features a photo contest, lectures, exhibitions, workshops and curated outdoor slide projections. Here are some of the images that will be featured in this third annual photography festival.

Washingtonpost.com reported that over the course of a single week, this Friday to next Saturday, thousands of pictures will vie for your attention (if not your affection) in this third annual celebration of the photographic art. Based for the first time at the Corcoran Gallery of Art but including a lineup of dozens of shows at more far-flung “partner” galleries and museums in and around the city, FotoWeek seems, at first glance, like an overwhelming parade of visual stimulation.

In some ways, it is.

The guy who dreamed up the idea three years ago admits as much. According to Theo Adamstein – FotoWeek’s founder, president and executive director – the program was originally envisioned as Washington’s first homegrown photography competition, but it quickly grew into a sprawling, week-long festival, embracing not only a photo contest but also exhibitions, lectures, workshops, films and other photo-themed events. It had become, he says, “a bit of an unwieldy beast.”

Adamstein also describes FotoWeek as a form of “matchmaking at its best.” The idea, he says, is straight out of the speed-dating playbook: Throw up as many photographs as possible – whether framed and hanging on a traditional gallery wall, reproduced in a growing library of art books that visitors can browse through or temporarily projected onto the exteriors of various local buildings – and then “let the public decide what they want to see.”

Admittedly, that last part – deciding what to see – may not be the easiest decision, given the array of options. But it’s a decision that’s complicated by a twist: For the first time this year, the vast majority of the images pulled together by FotoWeek will not exist in any physical form.

That’s because, for 2010, Fotoweek has greatly expanded its NightGallery program, offering a series of virtual outdoor galleries on city buildings whose facades are being commandeered as projection screens for a series of temporary digital slide shows. With the exception of the contest winners, whose work has been printed and will remain on view all week in the atrium of the Corcoran Gallery of Art, NightGallery includes no actual photographic prints. It’s there, in the streets – on the outside of such buildings as the Corcoran, the Newseum, the American Red Cross, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, the National Museum of the American Indian and the offices of the Human Rights Campaign – that you’ll find the heart of FotoWeek DC.

Continue reading and check out the complete gallery here | FotoWeek DC

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