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Anthony’s Art World – A Travelling Photographer

Photos by Anthony’s Art World

Traveling from different place is a great opportunity for a photographer to make his work go beyond his box, it’s like opening another channel for him to go in. Here’s one example from OneModelPlace.com, an update from blog.onemodelplace.com

Anthony of Anthony’s Art World (OMP Member #218679) is celebrating his third-year anniversary of being a professional photographer. He began taking it seriously after a friend and fellow OMP member saw some of Anthony’s landscape and wildlife images. “He asked me why I wasn’t shooting with models and I was like, ‘I am not sure!” So I joined OMP and it’s been a wonderful ride since then.”

OneModelPlace.com has helped the Alabama resident and frequent traveler in many ways. “OMP has helped me tremendously, especially being able to promote my trips through the use of travel notices. It is an outstanding source for finding models and photographers who are interested in furthering their careers. The publicity I get from OMP far surpasses the publicity I get from any other site.”

His favorite styles of shooting are portraits and headshots. “But I am striving to be able to do a little bit of everything. I want to be able to say, ‘Yes I can do this,’ if a client comes asking for a specific style. It would be great to show them some of my work in a variety of styles.”

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