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Portrait of A Model/Musician – Jillian Ann

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Coming, ready or not! – is excited about the new updates of Models from OneModelPlace which featured Jillian Ann (OMP Model #1874) as reported by, Jillian Ann has been a major force on the creative scene for the past 10 years, making her living solely from being a model as well as a musician.

OMP: How did you get your start as a model?

Jillian Ann: I modeled as a child, and then got scouted in Atlanta by one of the bigger print agencies. I worked with them for awhile doing the usual commercial work. It was great but not really that interesting to me. So as I got to know more and more people I discovered that I liked working directly with photographers and clients who were doing cool under-the-commercial-radar kind of work, and realized that most of them were online. So I started using the internet to contact photographers and clients directly.

I found I was able to book more work quickly for myself than my agent was. Also, I was booking jobs nationally not just in Atlanta. I subsequently discovered which made the task of finding new people to work with much easier. In the ensuing years I learned how to live and work on photos, music and art anywhere there was an opportunity to do so.  I continued to work with the agencies but I was no longer dependent on them and as my reputation grew I no longer had to go to castings and more agents wanted to work with me which was irony since they got to know me from jobs I had gotten on my own.  The be fair, the agencies have gotten me many of my larger clients and high paying jobs, but they became interested in me because of the more creative work I was doing.
I worked very hard to learn all aspects of my craft and ended up knowing a lot about styling, make up, graphics, logistics and that, combined with a strong and up to date portfolio has kept me working constantly .  I am even called by artists to help style their shoots and cast talent for their projects.  It has been quite an evolution.

OMP: How did you discover One Model Place?

Jillian Ann: Someone invited me and then all of the sudden the light bulb went off in my head, “I can use this to go anywhere and work anywhere!” I was always doing music either performing or recording all over so I work it out so I could do the music  and model on the off days. Often times I would be  a city for a few days for a show or to record and so I would use OMP to contact clients and photographers to let them know I would be there and see if they wanted to shoot.
It has always worked and continues to, and has been an amazing way to make new connections and friends all over the world.

OMP: How do you think OMP has helped your career?

Jillian Ann: OMP is the easiest to use data base I have found so far to connect to photographers and potential clients. Because of the search  capacities I could narrow down my search to exactly who I was looking for.  The visibility the connections that have come through it have been life changing. Many of the people who have really helped me move ahead in my career I met on here or through someone I knew on here. OMP has greatly helped me and has given me hundreds if not thousands of doors all over the world through which I can walk.


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