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CIMM Passion of Mark Niemi

August 19, 2010 Leave a comment

CCIM (Creative Images and Model Management) is an Agency in Niemi shares about his passion about his work. Check out Mark Niemi how he handles and do his work inside CIMM. View photos in different genres and others.

Story of Niemi below:

Mark Niemi (OMP Member #8742) first ventured into taking pictures in high school. Little did he know it would become a lifelong ambition. “While in high school, I needed an elective and Photography 101 sounded like fun. Soon after starting that class, I knew it was going to be a passion. After that, I bought a Yashica 135 camera and started shooting everything I could.”

This versatile photographer from Illinois found a home for his photos on “Several years ago I stumbled upon OMP after a colleague mentioned it to me. I was immediately impressed with the amount of quality members on the site.”
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