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Awkward Family Pictures :) has compiled a slideshow of some of the most embarrassing photos from recent family vacations. According to the site, “it all starts with the best of intentions. Mom and Dad, feeling that the family needs to spend more time together, decide that we should take a vacation… but between the itineraries, the sunburns, and the sing-alongs, the only thing relaxing about a family vacation is when they finally make it home.”

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OMP Get Wet Event — FREE Prizes and Upgrades! members can beat the heat and get free memberships or upgrades during the hot summer months by attending our rooftop pool party on Saturday, July 23.

Starting at 3pm and running till midnight, the activities will include a free photo shoot for aspiring models with professional photographer Robert Giordano (OMP Member #246183), as well as giveaways from Ujena Swimwear.

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Start-Up Camera—Shoot First, Focus Later

With an innovative camera due out later this year from a company called Lytro, OneModelPlace.comphotographers will have one less excuse for having missed that perfect shot. According to Steve Lohr from, the company’s technology allows a picture’s focus to be adjusted after it is taken. While viewing a picture taken with a Lytro camera on a computer screen, you can, for example, click to bring people in the foreground into sharp relief, or switch the focus to the mountains behind them.

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Tips on Shooting Stock Photography

It used to be that you had to have a portfolio with tens of thousands of images, usually in slide form, all catalogued, with model releases in a collection that you would use to be selected to shoot for one of the big stock agencies.  You would be accepted as a stock photographer with the requirement to shoot hundreds of images a month to submit to the agency to help keep their collection complete.

Today, the internet has changed the world of stock photography.  There are hundreds of web based micro-stock companies that have sprung up that have allowed even amateur photographers to be accepted as stock photographers if there work is good enough.  You can even get started with only a handful of images.

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Snow Photography Example (Photos)

December 5, 2010 Leave a comment

December is here and parts of the world are snowing. Coming, ready or not! is excited to share this with the Models and Photographers around the world especially to try and capture their own snow picture. published these dramatic photos, click the link below for 80 more pictures.

Check out the rest (80 Photos) | here>>>

Hot MODELS of OMP in the month of July (Part 2)

July 27, 2010 2 comments

The last offering of hot MODELS of in the month of July is here. This is the Part Two of my previous post Part 1(click the link if you missed it).

The last two beautiful MODELS in the month of July is here. Check their stories and their profiles at OneModelPlace, feel free to share it.

Read full article | Model Ashley ————- Read full article | Model Valentine

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Model Debra – OMP Image of the Day

This image of the day is from Vision Images and Model Debra of One Model Place. To check out the high quality picture click the link below the picture.

Check out the original photo here: Debra’s HQ Photo

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